Summer Shopping

I‘m in love with the summer season! It’s the season of wearing shorts~ and I bought two for this summer that I can’t wait to wear.

*click to enlarge* :3

The pair in white is from Abercrombie & Fitch. I got them from a day trip to the States, and though they weren’t on sale, I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of white shorts. It was either this one or a white pair from True Religion but, I prefer A&F more to be honest.

The pair in teal is a favourite ~ from Guess. The store in Metrotown didn’t carry my size, so I resorted to buying online. Luckily, I got them for $2 cheaper from Guess’s website! Hey, any savings is still savings

When I went shopping with Selina the other day, we found these adorable Starfish Earrings at Crystal Mall! They’re simply adorable and suit the summer season perfectly, as I plan to spend many days lying in the sun on the beach! Hope the weather gets warmer~

iPhone camera doesn’t do them justice but, they’re a darling gold colour~

Have any of you tried Lush’s Godiva shampoo bar? The jasmine scent is heavenly! It’s a bit expensive at $15CAD  a pop, but the lingering jasmine scent fills up the bathroom. It lathers really well under a running shower. I really like it, but since my hair is dyed, I can’t really use it without conditioning afterward, which diffuses the scent a little.

Either way, I’m really glad I bought it to try! Lush’s products are always exotic. Here is an image:

My photo – “Godiva” shampoo bar with a jasmine scent~ (really yellow!)

Stock photo~ Lush cosmetics

Another product I’ve been wanting to write about is “REN” skincare products! Awesome name aside, I received a sample from a Sephora order, for their “Lactic Renewal Mask”. The scent is very citrus and milky, I fell in love using the small sample! I immediately ordered a bottle.

It’s not recommended for sensitive skin because it promotes the peeling off of dead skin cells to expose the new, beautiful skin underneath. So if you don’t have sensitive skin, like me, I suggest you give this product a try! I use it 1-2 times a week, whenever I shower it’s just really easy to leave it on~

My photo: bright orange package with lovely citrus scent~

Stock photo~ REN skincare

I’m really looking forward to trying new products this 2012 Summer ~ hope it’s a great one



Anchors Away
May 26, 2012, 11:34 am
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I went shopping at Pacific Center’s Aritzia. I don’t know why I like to shop at that over-priced warehouse, but I was happy to pick up the light mint green blazer I had my eye on, along with a pair of cute buttoned shorts. I believe they are called “Talula Starboard Shorts with Anchor Buttons” on the official website.

Official image from Aritzia’s website.

These shorts aren’t a new item; they’ve been around for as long as I can remember. I know because a couple months back, I spotted them and resisted the urge to buy them. I somewhat regret buying them now, since they were original price at $50CAD, and also because they’re cheap (quality-wise!) as hell. Today at work, one of the anchor buttons actually popped right off!

So much for “fastening the anchor!”

Basically, I paid original price for a garment that fell apart on me the next day. I also happened to take the tags off, so there’s no chance of a return. Thank goodness I’m quite skilled with a needle and thread! I’ll be sewing this button back when I get home after another grueling day of work. (For some reason I work ten days in a row.. is that legal?)

This reminds me of the time where I bought a red Lush blazer and ended up having to sew back a seam on the shoulder area. That blazer cost me a hefty penny too, but I liked it too much to return it!

On another note, when I first bought these shorts I was unsure of them because I didn’t know if they would go well with the rest of my wardrobe. After a day of wearing them, they seem all right style-wise. It’s just the quality that really gets me!

Have you ever had this sort of set-back with a brand new piece of clothing? Had a disappointing experience with Aritzia? Leave a comment!

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Diamond Lash: Celebrity Eye
May 16, 2012, 12:05 am
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The beauty product I am writing about today is called “Diamond Lash – セレブeye”For those of you who don’t know, Diamond Lash is a brand of Japanese eyelashes. They usually retail for $20CAD for five pairs. Slightly cheaper than Dolly Wink, and you get a couple more pairs to boot. (Five, to be exact.)

★ Diamond Lash (Blue) – Celebrity Eye

“セレブeye” is featured on a baby-blue-coloured tray, making it a part of that colour collection. The brand has multiple eyelash series distinguished by differently coloured trays. セレブ (serebu) translated from Japanese into English means “celebrity”, so this eyelash is meant to make your eyes look like that of a celebrity’s. Sounds glamourous, huh?

Official close-up of “セレブ eye”. Celebrity, or Washed-up?

My experience with this “celebrity eyelash” was so-so. The first time I took a pair out of the packaging, a hair on the band actually got pulled off! I read reviews that this brand’s lashes were delicate, but I found this to be quite ridiculous. I didn’t used any more strength than I would with any other brand, delicately peeling the lash off the tray without much force.

Fortunately, wearing them was all right. If you examine the lashes closely, there is a portion near the ends of the lashes where the hair is a thicker stroke. I really like this attention to detail. The lash band is clear instead of black, which I also like. However, something about the length and design of these lashes makes it feel heavy on my eyes. They are really long! It might be because I didn’t apply enough mascara to “hold up” the lashes with my natural ones, but halfway through my work day I could see the lashes drooping in my peripheral vision… something definitely not desired.

Dramatic & LONG

I’m going to try wearing this style a couple more times before I come to a final verdict. Some are big fans of this lash type, but I didn’t find it too impressive. I’d be giving it 3 stars out of 5. Maybe 3 and a half. While not practical, they do look stunning in photos.

Any tips on how I can get full use of the incredible length these lashes offer? Perhaps I’m not positioning them right. Let me know if you have any pointers!

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Glasses Shopping
May 9, 2012, 2:06 am
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I‘ve once again started a blog, this time with WordPress instead of Blogger. So far the experience has been good. WordPress is different, with much less customization control than Blogger. However, I like how organized and “clean” the WordPress interface is. Everything has its place! Which is perfect for a picky person like myself.

Dearest Shan b was kind enough to make my amazing “sheep doll” logo, which is adorably cute and tailored to my specifications. She’s a thoughtful darling.

We got into a minor scuffle in the morning, but after my work training we headed over to Crystal Mall to look at eye wear. We visited a small glasses shop run by an old couple from Hong Kong. She really wanted golden Versace frames (apparently it’s limited edition) and we placed an order for it with her prescription. I personally think the patterned design on the side was much too flashy for my tastes, but as an artist it suits Shan perfectly.

I cannot wait to pick up Shan’s new glasses and see her wear them. The uncle said it would be ready for pick-up in just two days.

Seeing as we were in the shop anyway, I decided it was long overdue for me to purchase new glasses as well. I tried on a few frames recommended by the store owner, and two that I liked the best were from Gucci and Juicy Couture. (I didn’t even know Juicy made glasses frames!)

The reddish-brown Gucci frames gave me a very “office lady” look, whereas the pink and brown Juicy frames, much like Juicy’s clothing, was a casual look.

One of my concerns is that the Gucci frames (on left) are a bit too flashy. It’s very blatantly Gucci, with the signature gold logo on the sides.

My coworker highly recommends Chanel frames, so I want to find time to look at them. As she puts it, “Chanels all look nice”! So, we might drop by a place called “I Gallery” or “Eye Gallery” in Richmond. I hope I can find a good pair of glasses soon, so I can stop wearing contacts all the time!

What do you think is a good brand or style these days? What’s popular?

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Dolly Wink: Dolly Sweet
May 9, 2012, 1:59 am
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Ever since I was lucky enough to find my current job working for Fido, I’ve been enjoying the luxury of spending more freely. I recently bought a handful of cosmetic products; some I like a lot (and will definitely be using a lot more of!) and others I find to be just so-so. Here are some of my personal opinions on make-up products popular among my group of friends and on other blogs I’ve visited. This post will be about a brand of false eyelashes I’ve really come to like, “Dolly Wink”.

Dolly Wink #1 – Dolly Sweet

False eyelashes are quite the staple for young girls in Vancouver. This particular Japanese brand, called “Dolly Wink”, usually ranges from $18CAD ~ $25CAD for two pairs; sometimes people price them even more! It is produced and sponsored by Japanese idol Tsubasa Masuwaka.

After trying the #1 style “Dolly Sweet”, it quickly became one of my favourite go-to eyelashes. The band is clear, and the eyelashes are soft and natural-looking. It doesn’t have a hard lash band which can irritate the eyes with every blink. The packaging is cute, which is a bonus (who can resist that huge cute black bow?) and a small tube of eyelash glue comes included with each two pairs. I admit that I haven’t tried the eyelash glue from Dolly Wink, but that will definitely come when I have time to in the future.

When it came to removing the lashes, I found Dolly Sweet #1 to be durable enough to reuse several times. Each time they accentuate the sharp, elegant lashes as well as the first! I love using them along with Anna Sui’s Volume mascara. Backing up the natural lashes with mascara and blending them into the Dolly Wink provided more lift as well as a fuller look. All-in-all, I don’t have anything poor to say about my experiences with Dolly Wink. It’s worth the price, if you have the extra change to spare!

‘Dolly Sweet’ style accentuates the ends of the eye with volume and length.

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