Kawaii Pet Megu
May 9, 2012, 2:18 pm
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Megu Logo. Megu starts off looking like this.

I play an amusing iPhone app called “Kawaii Pet Megu”. It is the best thing since sliced bread! The game is a bit like ‘Tamagotchi’ and ‘Pokemon’ combined: all the fun of taking care of a virtual pet, with the bonus of having it evolve into different forms.

To evolve Megu, players need to charge up its “voltage”; this is done by plugging the iPhone to a charger and opening the game. Fittingly, every MEGU design features a yellow electrical plug somewhere on its body. This is super creative on the designer’s part!

My Megu is currently a type called “BUNNY”, a chubby pink bunny with white wings. (The name isn’t very original, but the cuteness is unbearable! Over 9000.) Previously I had a stripy egg-shaped pet called a “KIGON”, but staying with the same Megu for a long time can get boring! That’s why the evolution aspect really spices up the experience.

Players can walk with Megu and find items/gold; this sometimes triggers an event to collect 9 eggs to obtain an additional limited edition item. You can visit your friends (via Twitter), buy furniture, buy cute foods, and upgrade your house/living space for gold or Elixirs. (Elixirs are one of the special items bought with real currency. They are also awarded to players who refer friends to the game.) They can be used to go on “Adventures”, which award yet more limited edition items.

Adventuring through “Francesca Castle”.

There is a game called “Ball Toss”, similar to “Walk”, that gives away prizes/gold as well. Players can choose to “Megu Race” or “Sumo Wrestle” with other Megu. The winner gets awarded with gold. These are just some of the game’s features, but there is much more!

Everything in the game is extremely cute. The English (or rather, Engrish) in the game is super endearing. I highly recommend any iPhone user to check this app out, if they haven’t already! If you need any tips or help with evolutions, a site I find extremely helpful is There are many blogging communities that also offer extensive info and tips on this game.

My Megu is 89-days-old, and I’m still throughly active! If you’d like to start playing, leave a comment for an invitation code that will gift you 10 Elixirs!

My current home, at LV158. He’s eating a Gingerbread House!

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