Night Of Fancy
June 2, 2012, 9:50 pm
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Moii Cafe’s grand opening took place last night. I didn’t take many photos, but a large group of people were able to make it to celebrate the opening of the cafe’s second location. It was a social event with champagne, crepes, and a table spread with food. As a semi-formal event, everyone wore nice dresses with trendy high-heels! I was perhaps the most ambitious, decked in 5″ nude pumps.

I was very lucky some friends could also make it, as I am not close with the owner’s group of friends. It was very nice to have Selina, Vivian and Jennifer drop by the party! They all brought their boyfriends, of course. I wouldn’t expect such darlings to be single after all!

Lovely ladies at the opening party~

Afterwards, we headed to the new nightmarket near River Rock Casino. Jennifer and her boyfriend were very gracious! It was a treat to spend time with them

The new nightmarket has free parking, but each person has to pay $1CAD to enter the premises.

We met up with Selina and Vivian, and we all shared our food. BBQ skewers, takoyaki, egg puff waffle (雞蛋仔) and a very delicious pork belly skewer! I really like the pork skewer, but I also like this expensive stand that sells mini quail egg skewers wrapped in bacon! Nightmarket is truly a great place for food and walking around. The stands weren’t as interesting as the “old” nightmarket, though.

A disappointing note is that the “hurricane potato” skewers I am so fond of did not taste as good as previously. The popular stall ran out of cheddar! I had to settle with butter. Furthermore, the potatoes were soggy and not crispy at all. Definitely a let-down for my would-be favourite food stall.

Close to midnight, Shan came to pick me up (having stayed at the party longer than I had) and I bid farewell to my friends.

Jacky (my dog) even got something out of it: Vivian gave him some organic chicken treats from her dog! Lucky boy!


It was a fun night and I really look forward to my next day off!

 Thanks for visiting~♡