Glasses Shopping
May 9, 2012, 2:06 am
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I‘ve once again started a blog, this time with WordPress instead of Blogger. So far the experience has been good. WordPress is different, with much less customization control than Blogger. However, I like how organized and “clean” the WordPress interface is. Everything has its place! Which is perfect for a picky person like myself.

Dearest Shan b was kind enough to make my amazing “sheep doll” logo, which is adorably cute and tailored to my specifications. She’s a thoughtful darling.

We got into a minor scuffle in the morning, but after my work training we headed over to Crystal Mall to look at eye wear. We visited a small glasses shop run by an old couple from Hong Kong. She really wanted golden Versace frames (apparently it’s limited edition) and we placed an order for it with her prescription. I personally think the patterned design on the side was much too flashy for my tastes, but as an artist it suits Shan perfectly.

I cannot wait to pick up Shan’s new glasses and see her wear them. The uncle said it would be ready for pick-up in just two days.

Seeing as we were in the shop anyway, I decided it was long overdue for me to purchase new glasses as well. I tried on a few frames recommended by the store owner, and two that I liked the best were from Gucci and Juicy Couture. (I didn’t even know Juicy made glasses frames!)

The reddish-brown Gucci frames gave me a very “office lady” look, whereas the pink and brown Juicy frames, much like Juicy’s clothing, was a casual look.

One of my concerns is that the Gucci frames (on left) are a bit too flashy. It’s very blatantly Gucci, with the signature gold logo on the sides.

My coworker highly recommends Chanel frames, so I want to find time to look at them. As she puts it, “Chanels all look nice”! So, we might drop by a place called “I Gallery” or “Eye Gallery” in Richmond. I hope I can find a good pair of glasses soon, so I can stop wearing contacts all the time!

What do you think is a good brand or style these days? What’s popular?

Thanks for visiting~♡