Hart House Restaurant
July 2, 2012, 3:20 pm
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I was lucky enough to visit Hart House in Burnaby for dinner again~ It’s the beautiful mansion that has been fashioned into a restaurant. Settled on scenic Deer Lake Avenue, the location is so beautiful, and I really enjoyed this visit compared to my previous visit.

We started off with a comfortable seat by the window. The host recognized us and I cheerily replied, “Yes, we come here all the time!” I think this is why we got complimentary pâté along with our baguette. xD If there’s one thing to know about me, I really do love pâté!

The pickled strawberry really added to the flavour of the pâté and its sauce~

Feeling particularly adventurous, I also ordered a Leek and Potato soup to start. The colour wasn’t very flattering, but the soup itself was okay…

Anyway, for the main dish, I went with my usual duck, which in this case was Fraser Valley Duck Breast! It was flavourful and simply divine, compared to the disappointing duck I had at CRU months back. (On a side note, I swear, CRU has been slowly declining.)

It was so delicious! The sauce, the flavouring, the texture of the duck breast. I really liked it!

A couple months back, I visited “Mistral Bistro” for Vancouver dine-out and had some very delicious duck as well. So if duck’s your thing (like it is mine) and you happen to be in the area, definitely give Hart House or Mistral Bistro a chance.

U3 had the ‘Catch of the Day’ which was freshly caught Halibut, seared to perfection. That fish was amazingly fresh, crisp on the outside and melty-soft on the inside.

Seared Fresh Halibut~

I forgot the name of the red wine I ordered to accompany the meal, but it was good too! Wine always seems to make good things even better. :3 Anyway, I just wanted to share the positive experience I had at Hart House to make me like them again. Haha~

Thanks for visiting~♡ 


Pearl Hotpot
June 4, 2012, 10:56 am
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A favourite little hotpot place I like to visit is called Pearl Hotpot (珍珠小火鍋), located in Burnaby. I often go there for lunch after my dentist appointments, or whenever we are in the area. It’s shabu shabu style where each person gets their own pot of soup, instead of one communal pot.

I normally get the “Fresh Fish Pot”, which is more expensive at 18.95CAD. I love seafood~

Fish slices with rice wine poured over. You can ask the server to add sake for more flavour.

Shan usually gets the “Special Pork Shoulder”, which is a steal at 13.95CAD. I love the pork!

Pork shoulder! We coat the slices in egg whites to preserve tenderness and flavour.

Each hotpot comes with an egg, a dish of special dipping sauce, a large place of veggies (among other “extras”) and a choice of rice, udon, noodles or vermicelli. Ice cream is included as dessert, but I am usually too full by then. Oh, and also a drink! I normally get fruit tea.

I saw this snarky graffiti behind the girl’s washroom door before we left. It’s ironic because fish and pork is what we always order when we’re here:

“Pig + Fish = Friends, Not Food!”
(But these friends are just so delicious!)

In the past, I didn’t always like hotpot. But this is one little hotpot place I’ve enjoyed time and time again!

 Thanks for visiting~♡