Dolly Wink: Dolly Sweet
May 9, 2012, 1:59 am
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Ever since I was lucky enough to find my current job working for Fido, I’ve been enjoying the luxury of spending more freely. I recently bought a handful of cosmetic products; some I like a lot (and will definitely be using a lot more of!) and others I find to be just so-so. Here are some of my personal opinions on make-up products popular among my group of friends and on other blogs I’ve visited. This post will be about a brand of false eyelashes I’ve really come to like, “Dolly Wink”.

Dolly Wink #1 – Dolly Sweet

False eyelashes are quite the staple for young girls in Vancouver. This particular Japanese brand, called “Dolly Wink”, usually ranges from $18CAD ~ $25CAD for two pairs; sometimes people price them even more! It is produced and sponsored by Japanese idol Tsubasa Masuwaka.

After trying the #1 style “Dolly Sweet”, it quickly became one of my favourite go-to eyelashes. The band is clear, and the eyelashes are soft and natural-looking. It doesn’t have a hard lash band which can irritate the eyes with every blink. The packaging is cute, which is a bonus (who can resist that huge cute black bow?) and a small tube of eyelash glue comes included with each two pairs. I admit that I haven’t tried the eyelash glue from Dolly Wink, but that will definitely come when I have time to in the future.

When it came to removing the lashes, I found Dolly Sweet #1 to be durable enough to reuse several times. Each time they accentuate the sharp, elegant lashes as well as the first! I love using them along with Anna Sui’s Volume mascara. Backing up the natural lashes with mascara and blending them into the Dolly Wink provided more lift as well as a fuller look. All-in-all, I don’t have anything poor to say about my experiences with Dolly Wink. It’s worth the price, if you have the extra change to spare!

‘Dolly Sweet’ style accentuates the ends of the eye with volume and length.

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