July 11, 2012, 12:30 am
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Hi, dears. My “Sugar Hearts” OTK socks in white came today. I feel so happy, they are so beautiful. I have never been more excited over socks. Lolita just does that to me.(´ω`♡)

Speaking of socks, I also got an amazing deal on pink “Chess Chocolate” socks~ So I’m slowly completing elements of my sets. :3 My Sugar Hearts is complete; I ended up grabbing the last white headband from AP-USA’s website. And I just need to find the headbow for Chess Chocolate in pink. Who knew things are so hard to find? It’s like treasure hunting.

New items are popping up on my wishlist as well– I really like “Honey Cake” switching JSK in pink. I already have the headbow, and I think the JSK is so much cuter than the OP. If I find it, I will be happy for sure~~ I’m so excited I cannot really sleep. =w= I also want to buy more Chocolate-themed OTK socks, and socks in general. /sigh Should really focus on saving money.

On a more exciting note, I get to pick up a JSK from the tailor’s tomorrow. :3 Yay! They had it altered earlier than expected. I’m really scared, hope it won’t be ruined, but if they are only taking a few inches off the waist I think it should be fine. I’m also going to bring my Chess Chocolate over for them to take a look as well, because it’s really too big. It’s just, I know it’s going to be expensive to alter CC, and I want to make sure it’s a good job.

If a shopping service can’t locate my items, no one can. :c



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