Girl’s Day: Work Life
June 18, 2012, 11:03 pm
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Today I worked together for the first time with Olivia. She’s impeccably cheery, and it surprises me how someone can have such a nice personality. I only know a few people who are so friendly all the time, and I’m definitely not one of them. There was a girl named Jugina from my previous workplace, who was always really kind to me whenever we spoke, and also my little sis Selina is always really sweet.

I wish I could be the type of girl like that, who is a true lady, even if they are hiding their emotions. It is so very considerate to others. Unfortunately, my personality is spoiled and vain, and perhaps even selfish at worst. I’m a moody gal. Like a baby dragon who doesn’t know how to control herself, so she spews fire at everyone without thinking. Sometimes, I also want to know what makes me react this way..?

Anyway, for my lunch break I went out of the office and chilled with Lisa. We tried on clothes at Aritzia because they were having this exclusive sale and she got the e-mail for it. (I never get the e-mail because I don’t think they have the right name for me at any given time. For example, when I say “Karen Yuen” the associates always think I say “Karen Nguyen” so I swear I have at least two different files. ._.;;)

T.babaton = T.blablabla~

For my upcoming birthday in July, I have planned a high tea on Saturday the 14th. I have invited a small group of six friends, and I hope they can all clear their schedule to make it. I want to dress up together and take memorable photos!

I don’t know what else to do for my (supposedly) special day. Another year older, and I feel like I haven’t gone anywhere! I was thinking to have a family dinner Chinese-style, because I really want to eat peking duck/roast duck. Duck is delicious!

I already spent a lot of money on myself throughout the months of May/June, so I’ll have to cut back my spending in July~ *reminder*

I’ve been so lazy lately, but I should really motivate myself to exercise. Today I brought Jacky out to the park for maximum ten or fifteen minutes before doubling back because I didn’t want to be outside anymore. xDD; How on earth am I going to lost weight?!

Well, thanks for visiting~~


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