Summer Shopping

I‘m in love with the summer season! It’s the season of wearing shorts~ and I bought two for this summer that I can’t wait to wear.

*click to enlarge* :3

The pair in white is from Abercrombie & Fitch. I got them from a day trip to the States, and though they weren’t on sale, I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of white shorts. It was either this one or a white pair from True Religion but, I prefer A&F more to be honest.

The pair in teal is a favourite ~ from Guess. The store in Metrotown didn’t carry my size, so I resorted to buying online. Luckily, I got them for $2 cheaper from Guess’s website! Hey, any savings is still savings

When I went shopping with Selina the other day, we found these adorable Starfish Earrings at Crystal Mall! They’re simply adorable and suit the summer season perfectly, as I plan to spend many days lying in the sun on the beach! Hope the weather gets warmer~

iPhone camera doesn’t do them justice but, they’re a darling gold colour~

Have any of you tried Lush’s Godiva shampoo bar? The jasmine scent is heavenly! It’s a bit expensive at $15CAD  a pop, but the lingering jasmine scent fills up the bathroom. It lathers really well under a running shower. I really like it, but since my hair is dyed, I can’t really use it without conditioning afterward, which diffuses the scent a little.

Either way, I’m really glad I bought it to try! Lush’s products are always exotic. Here is an image:

My photo – “Godiva” shampoo bar with a jasmine scent~ (really yellow!)

Stock photo~ Lush cosmetics

Another product I’ve been wanting to write about is “REN” skincare products! Awesome name aside, I received a sample from a Sephora order, for their “Lactic Renewal Mask”. The scent is very citrus and milky, I fell in love using the small sample! I immediately ordered a bottle.

It’s not recommended for sensitive skin because it promotes the peeling off of dead skin cells to expose the new, beautiful skin underneath. So if you don’t have sensitive skin, like me, I suggest you give this product a try! I use it 1-2 times a week, whenever I shower it’s just really easy to leave it on~

My photo: bright orange package with lovely citrus scent~

Stock photo~ REN skincare

I’m really looking forward to trying new products this 2012 Summer ~ hope it’s a great one



Girl’s Day: Work Life
June 18, 2012, 11:03 pm
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Today I worked together for the first time with Olivia. She’s impeccably cheery, and it surprises me how someone can have such a nice personality. I only know a few people who are so friendly all the time, and I’m definitely not one of them. There was a girl named Jugina from my previous workplace, who was always really kind to me whenever we spoke, and also my little sis Selina is always really sweet.

I wish I could be the type of girl like that, who is a true lady, even if they are hiding their emotions. It is so very considerate to others. Unfortunately, my personality is spoiled and vain, and perhaps even selfish at worst. I’m a moody gal. Like a baby dragon who doesn’t know how to control herself, so she spews fire at everyone without thinking. Sometimes, I also want to know what makes me react this way..?

Anyway, for my lunch break I went out of the office and chilled with Lisa. We tried on clothes at Aritzia because they were having this exclusive sale and she got the e-mail for it. (I never get the e-mail because I don’t think they have the right name for me at any given time. For example, when I say “Karen Yuen” the associates always think I say “Karen Nguyen” so I swear I have at least two different files. ._.;;)

T.babaton = T.blablabla~

For my upcoming birthday in July, I have planned a high tea on Saturday the 14th. I have invited a small group of six friends, and I hope they can all clear their schedule to make it. I want to dress up together and take memorable photos!

I don’t know what else to do for my (supposedly) special day. Another year older, and I feel like I haven’t gone anywhere! I was thinking to have a family dinner Chinese-style, because I really want to eat peking duck/roast duck. Duck is delicious!

I already spent a lot of money on myself throughout the months of May/June, so I’ll have to cut back my spending in July~ *reminder*

I’ve been so lazy lately, but I should really motivate myself to exercise. Today I brought Jacky out to the park for maximum ten or fifteen minutes before doubling back because I didn’t want to be outside anymore. xDD; How on earth am I going to lost weight?!

Well, thanks for visiting~~

Lolita: Life In Pink

Last weekend Michelle, a friend of Shan’s, came back to Vancouver from Texas. We went to the Richmond nightmarket (I went for the 3rd time~) and it was such a fun time. Because I brought my fluffy dog, Jacky, it was like we were celebrities! Everywhere we walked, heads turned and there were many comments like “So fluffy!” “So cute!” and “你的狗很漂亮!”

A girl even took a photo of my dog, and everyone from kids to adults wanted to pet him. Vancouver is such a friendly place. (⌒▽⌒)☆ It was remarkable how much attention he received, but he was nervous and a bit scared of all the loud noises and people.

We bought food and walked around, and I even saw my supervisors at the Fido booth. I stood around inside and sold a single iPhone case before heading off again with Michelle and Shan~

Another fun even that happened recently took place at home: my sister Kelsey, my brother Jenson, Shan and I dug out the good ol’ Monopoly board game and played it after dinner! It was really fun and unexpected playing this classic game again. Shan and I ended up losing so badly, haha! I was mooching off Kelsey and Shan’s sympathies to survive, but in the end my brother and sister were just too strong. I hope we can play a game together again soon, as a family.

Despite the fact that I said I would spend less in June, this month seems to be the month of my most heavy spending. I bought some lolita items, as well as some non-lolita items. Anyway, here are some recent buys:

Halloween Alice Print JSK (Pink)

BTSSB “Trick or Treat” JSK in pink. There’s nothing very Halloween-ish about this dress at all! It’s an older print, but when I bought it the seller had the tag still on. There’s no shirring, so I’m wondering if I should bring it to get tailored. A custom fit wouldn’t be too bad, if I like the dress enough!

Angelic Pretty Pink + White Diamond/Heart Lace Ribbon Socks

Brand new, these socks from AP are quite thick! They’re really cute and I love the lace detailing near the top. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Dream V – Heart Heels (Pink)

I’m a bit unpleased that I bought a size ‘M’ in my Dream V heels. My feet are exactly 22.5CM, so I should technically be in an ‘S’ because small is 22CM-22.5, and medium starts at 23cm I believe. But they fit *okay*, just not as snug as I’d hoped. Oh well~ they’re still gorgeous. And they’re comfortable! I couldn’t believe how plush they feel, judging by the look I wasn’t expecting that.

BTSSB Heart Pouchette

This bag is really small. ;_; I wish it were bigger, but it’s only large enough to hold a phone and maybe a lipstick/key holder. I would maybe only use it when I have to walk my dog/run errands and want to free my hands up. It’s real cute though~ love this brand.

I have a lot of things on my wish list, mostly cute socks from AP and AP’s many other beautiful accessories. I don’t know! These are some of the items I couldn’t help adding to my collection.

!! Did you know American Apparel sells petticoats?! I had no idea until I stepped inside to buy some tights and saw this puffy baby hanging on the rack:

Retails for CAD~$75,, pretty pricey!

I almost want to buy it just to try it out, ehe.

I don’t know why I suddenly feel like expanding my closet.. (・_・ヾ I definitely need to save up more. Everyone says so!!!


Pearl Hotpot
June 4, 2012, 10:56 am
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A favourite little hotpot place I like to visit is called Pearl Hotpot (珍珠小火鍋), located in Burnaby. I often go there for lunch after my dentist appointments, or whenever we are in the area. It’s shabu shabu style where each person gets their own pot of soup, instead of one communal pot.

I normally get the “Fresh Fish Pot”, which is more expensive at 18.95CAD. I love seafood~

Fish slices with rice wine poured over. You can ask the server to add sake for more flavour.

Shan usually gets the “Special Pork Shoulder”, which is a steal at 13.95CAD. I love the pork!

Pork shoulder! We coat the slices in egg whites to preserve tenderness and flavour.

Each hotpot comes with an egg, a dish of special dipping sauce, a large place of veggies (among other “extras”) and a choice of rice, udon, noodles or vermicelli. Ice cream is included as dessert, but I am usually too full by then. Oh, and also a drink! I normally get fruit tea.

I saw this snarky graffiti behind the girl’s washroom door before we left. It’s ironic because fish and pork is what we always order when we’re here:

“Pig + Fish = Friends, Not Food!”
(But these friends are just so delicious!)

In the past, I didn’t always like hotpot. But this is one little hotpot place I’ve enjoyed time and time again!

 Thanks for visiting~♡

Night Of Fancy
June 2, 2012, 9:50 pm
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Moii Cafe’s grand opening took place last night. I didn’t take many photos, but a large group of people were able to make it to celebrate the opening of the cafe’s second location. It was a social event with champagne, crepes, and a table spread with food. As a semi-formal event, everyone wore nice dresses with trendy high-heels! I was perhaps the most ambitious, decked in 5″ nude pumps.

I was very lucky some friends could also make it, as I am not close with the owner’s group of friends. It was very nice to have Selina, Vivian and Jennifer drop by the party! They all brought their boyfriends, of course. I wouldn’t expect such darlings to be single after all!

Lovely ladies at the opening party~

Afterwards, we headed to the new nightmarket near River Rock Casino. Jennifer and her boyfriend were very gracious! It was a treat to spend time with them

The new nightmarket has free parking, but each person has to pay $1CAD to enter the premises.

We met up with Selina and Vivian, and we all shared our food. BBQ skewers, takoyaki, egg puff waffle (雞蛋仔) and a very delicious pork belly skewer! I really like the pork skewer, but I also like this expensive stand that sells mini quail egg skewers wrapped in bacon! Nightmarket is truly a great place for food and walking around. The stands weren’t as interesting as the “old” nightmarket, though.

A disappointing note is that the “hurricane potato” skewers I am so fond of did not taste as good as previously. The popular stall ran out of cheddar! I had to settle with butter. Furthermore, the potatoes were soggy and not crispy at all. Definitely a let-down for my would-be favourite food stall.

Close to midnight, Shan came to pick me up (having stayed at the party longer than I had) and I bid farewell to my friends.

Jacky (my dog) even got something out of it: Vivian gave him some organic chicken treats from her dog! Lucky boy!


It was a fun night and I really look forward to my next day off!

 Thanks for visiting~♡