Avengers Finally
May 24, 2012, 10:27 am
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I finally got the chance to watch The Avengers in theatres and believe me, despite the 2 hour show time, I DID NOT WANT IT TO STOPIt was action-packed, filled with eye-candy, and explosive — just as expected! I munched on popcorn and sipped soda happily throughout the movie and was not disappointed.

My favourite character, Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) returns to the big screen looking more jaded than before. In the earlier Iron Man movies, she had long red hair and more of a sex-appeal. In The Avengers, she has chic short hair and she is tough! I’m glad they showcased her strong character and espionnage background in such amusing ways.

Black Widow lookin’ serious!

Creeping up behind her is a new favourite, one I never thought I would like: CAPTAIN AMERICA.

When I first saw Captain America: The First Avenger, I was very skeptical about it. I wasn’t anticipating it to be a good movie. It ended up surprising me beyond belief.

There was one scene where his commander threw a dummy grenade into the group of soldiers and Captain America (plain ol’ Steve Rogers at the time) dove on top of it and wrapped his own body around it, telling the other men to “get back”. I didn’t see that coming and was, admittedly, touched. This was the part of the movie where I started to gain my respect for the character in the ‘new generation’ franchise. His character is pure, self-sacrificing, and righteous! A true soldier.

That and, wow, actor Chris Evans really rocks that costume. Who knew that the American flag could be fashioned in such a flattering suit for the male body!

I cannot wait for the second installment! (AVENGERS 2: STILL AVENGING STUFF?) In the meantime, I’ll spend my days anticipating the final Dark Knight movie in July. I’m interested to see how Anne Hathaway pulls off Catwoman, as well as seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt as some random police officer.

What summer movies are you excited for? Let me know so I can watch ’em too!

First Black Widow, now Catwoman? I must have a penchant for women in skin-tight black suits.

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